Day 22 🌎 57 miles

Daily Summary:
12:30 PM to 6:30 PM — Average Speed:  20.6 mph
Seeley Lake, Montana to Swan Lake, Montana.

Odometer:  1,652 – 1,709 miles
Climb: 1,832 ft. — Descend:  2,756 ft.
60-70° F : Sunny : 0-5 mph variable winds. Nicest day so far!

Battery Performance:
84v to 75v — 30 miles (Seeley Lake Tamarack Resort to Condon Mission Mountains Mercantile 110v outlet 2.25 hours @ 10 amps = 83.5v)

83.5v to 74.4v — 27 miles (Seeley Lake Trading Post RV Park 110v outlet @ 2 amps = 84v)

— 22 —

This was my First night hanging my hammock in Grizzly Bear habitat.

All my food and belongings that might have bear-attracting odors needed to be stored in the bear proof storage lockers near my campsite.

Today I also met my First foreign fellow travelers today, Deb and Tom from England.

This pair of intrepid cyclists are pedaling around the globe. They began their tour from England over a year ago, and after riding through Europe they are now working their way across the USA from Florida and will be entering Central Canada in the next few days.

Ironically, after their Canadian segment their plan is to work their way down the West Coast of the USA and eventually enter Mexico some time around Christmas, 2022.

My current plans are to scoot up to Hyder, Alaska and then loop back down to Colorado, arriving home sometime in September.

After a week or so of rest and general maintenance on the equipment, I hope to head down to Mexico and perhaps be somewhere around Mazatlan for Christmas.

Perhaps Tom, Deb and I will be able to share our Christmas together!

If you wish to meet Tom and Deb, you can follow them on their blog:

Be sure to let them know that I sent you and that I’m looking forward to our paths crossing later this year.

BTW, today was also the very First warm and not windy day on my trip.

Best weather so far, and I am so thankful!

On a different note, today I also contracted my First mosquito bite on this trip.

I knew they were coming and now they are here…

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By ScootingRich

ScootingRich has been teaching, working and volunteering in various capacities since 2007. He is currently attempting to demonstrate the viability of personal electric vehicles (PEV) for long-range travel by riding his Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter on a 21,000-mile adventure from Colorado, USA north to Alaska and then south to Argentina and ultimately to the shore of Antarctica. You are welcome to share in this epic journey by following us on YouTube and Patreon.

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