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March 2022 - Overland Scooter

Is this possible?

“What are you going to do?” she asked in disbelief. “I’m going to ride my stand up electric scooter 21,000 miles from Colorado north to Alaska and then all the way south down to Antarctica. Her eyebrows raised. “Why are you going to do this?” “Because ever since COVID hit… [ see post: “Hello (new)…… Continue reading Is this possible?

The King and I

Once I realized that an electric scooter might open up some unique opportunities, I began considering what those opportunities and challenges might be. I began learning what sort of scooter, if any, would be up to the activities I envisioned. The first time I saw a Kaabo Wolf scooter, I imagined that I might be…… Continue reading The King and I

Hello (new) World!

The Overland Electric Scooter Expedition began in the late summer of 2021 when a young boy whizzed past us blazing downhill on a tiny push scooter. The reason the boy’s rapid decent was of such interest to me was because he seemed to be so free and mobile on his scooter and I had pretty…… Continue reading Hello (new) World!