Day 56  🌎 7 miles

Daily Summary:
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM — Average Speed:  ?? Town of Houston

Odometer:  2,941 – 2,948 miles
Climb: ?? ft. — Descend:  ?? ft.
55-70° F : Partly cloudy. Intermittent rain. 

Battery Performance:
Note:  All charging and range data after the World Record Day will be published in Excel format at a later date.

—  56 –

Today was my First day at the Shady Rest RV Park. It’s a nice quiet place about one mile from Houston, British Columbia.

No bears here.

I wonder why? (Perhaps the Sasquatch footprints on the sidewalk have something to do with it.)

This seems to be a great spot for me to hang out for a while and that’s good because I’m waiting for my new scooter and trailer tires to be delivered to Smithers about 40 miles west of here.

While I was in Prince George, I contacted a man in Smithers who was willing to help me with my tires (the local bike shop and local motorcycle shop were not).

Sam, at Eyecandy Customs, agreed to let my daughter ship him my new tires and he may even help me put them on. I thought if we sent them early enough I might arrive in Smithers at the same time the package did. But, alas, this was not to be.

I’ll let you know what happens, but for now I’m having a Shady Rest for the next few days at a place that was once home to a Drive In movie theater. 

Do any of you remember Drive Ins?

We had one in the small town that I grew up in, but it closed down in the mid ’70’s, I think, because I don’t recall ever going there after I had my driver’s license.

However, I do have many fond early childhood memories of hot dogs singing on that large screen just as twilight was coming on.

A few times I even remember staying awake for the whole movie. LOL!

I think my kids should also recall their first (and perhaps last) experience at a Drive In theater because it was on somewhat stormy night in Broomfield, Colorado in 1996.

We went to see “Twister” and when the scene where the tornado hits the Drive In came on, the wind simultaneously gusted all around us.

I started rocking the car from side-to-side, and I think my kids thought that we were actually in the movie, at least for a minute or two.


The things we remember…

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By ScootingRich

ScootingRich has been teaching, working and volunteering in various capacities since 2007. He is currently attempting to demonstrate the viability of personal electric vehicles (PEV) for long-range travel by riding his Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter on a 21,000-mile adventure from Colorado, USA north to Alaska and then south to Argentina and ultimately to the shore of Antarctica. You are welcome to share in this epic journey by following us on YouTube and Patreon.


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