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Day 146  🌎 77 miles - Overland Scooter

Day 146  🌎 77 miles

Daily Summary:
8:30 AM to 4:45 PM
Jeff and Janelle’s Hardin Ranch to Ranchester Connor Battlefield Historic Site CG.

Charge for 3.5 hours at Lodge Grass Crow Baptist Church at 38 miles.

Odometer:  5,377 – 5,454
Average Speed: 18.2 mph
Climb: 1272 ft. — Descend:  830 ft.
55-88° F : Headwinds 5-10 mph.

Battery Performance:
Note:  All charging and range data after the World Record Day will be published in Excel format at a later date.

—  146 —

I had a long chat with Jeff this morning while I was waiting for the temperature to get above 55°F.

I’m so thankful that they let me hang out on their ranch for the night.

The animal noises were very relaxing.

He and Janelle have high hopes and big dreams for their children and for their property.

I think they like to help people and it seems that they may get quite a lot opportunities to do just that.

It’s refreshing to speak with someone who is looking towards the future these days. Not everyone is.

Best wishes Jeff and Janelle!

I rode past Custer’s Last Stand today. Another part of infamous US history.

Custer’s Last Stand Location a Few Miles Towards the Horizon

The grass-hay fields are still a deep green color and the golden and orange hues of the trees that are beginning to change color contrast beautifully with the greens, and the brownish-tan colors of the dry hills.

Last night was cloudless and I got to view the starry Big Sky without much light pollution. It’s truly a sight to behold, and perhaps the first such opportunity that I’ve had since being in Montana.

It seems like I’ve been encased with rain clouds or forest fire smoke for almost 2 months. It’s nice to see the clear sky for a change.

And today it’s finally getting hot again.

I’ll need to drink more.

Four Miles More to Lodge Grass, MT

I think I’m getting dehydrated these days standing up for hours in front of my natural hair dryer.

Lodge Grass Baptist Church
Church Sign. We’re Glad You’re Here!

I once heard someone describe her raft trip through the Grand Canyon as “Three weeks standing in front of a hair dryer turned on high.”

Now I can relate to her description much better.

Charging in the Back of the Baptist Church

After lunch and charging I’ll be heading for Ranchester to set up camp for the night.

If I had a couple of trees available right now, I think I’d be sound asleep in minutes…

IGA Lunch Fare. Maybe Not the Heathiest Food, But it Sure is Tiring!

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By ScootingRich

ScootingRich has been teaching, working and volunteering in various capacities since 2007. He is currently attempting to demonstrate the viability of personal electric vehicles (PEV) for long-range travel by riding his Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter on a 21,000-mile adventure from Colorado, USA north to Alaska and then south to Argentina and ultimately to the shore of Antarctica. You are welcome to share in this epic journey by following us on YouTube and Patreon.

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