Day 140  🌎 39 miles

Daily Summary:
10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Livingston Campground to Big Timber, MT Super 8 Motel

Odometer:  5,177 – 5,216
Average Speed: 17 ? mph
Climb: 1418 ft. — Descend:  1804 ft.
45-55° F : Wind Gusting all directions 10-30 mph.

Battery Performance:
Note:  All charging and range data after the World Record Day will be published in Excel format at a later date.

—  140 —

It was cold again this morning.

I should have thought more about it.

After yesterday’s success replacing the rear tire (and no major cramps during the night from the hours of bending over yesterday!) I guess I was overly optimistic about getting a lot of mileage today.

After packing up, I enjoyed a wonderful hot breakfast at a nearby restaurant and then headed out of Livingston.

Again I was being foolish because I didn’t take notice of the strong variable winds.

I figured that it was only 39 miles to Big Timber where I planned to recharge, and I imagined that the head and side winds would be offset by the occasional tail wind.

I was wrong, again.

Pushing on I-90 Between Livingston, MT and Big Timber

I also rode too fast trying to get to Big Timber as soon as possible to get a full charge.

Again, not smart.

The combination of high speed, strong winds and below 55°F temperatures took its toll and just about the time I was blissfully thinking, “Only a few more miles to go.” I felt the power drop off significantly.

I stopped to investigate and my heart sank as I discovered that only a few watts of power remained AND that I had a minimum of 4 miles to go to get to Big Timber!

I felt foolish and sad.

I had to push, again.

Only Two More Miles to Go!

This time I was on a Montana Interstate highway with a wide shoulder and traffic flying by at 80 mph!

The section facing me was fairly level, but even the slightest uphill grade can make walking and pushing 500 pounds a chore.

Almost There!

If you doubt me, go ahead and try it sometime.

The 90-minute walk today reminded me of the other 90-minute workout I experienced on Day 2.

Four miles after I began pushing, I arrived at the Town Pump travel station next to a crowded Super 8 hotel.

Finally, After 4 Miles of Pushing, The Town Pump: Electricity…

I was sweating from the exertion, hungry, and definitely dehydrated.

After getting approval to charge the scooter, I grabbed a loaded sandwich, chips, and a couple of bottles of Powerade.

I grabbed one of the small tables in the Deli area, took off my wet coats, and tried not to shiver too much as I gobbled down the food and cold drinks.

and Food, Too!

It then occurred to me that the forecast was for another night of rain and that I had wet clothes, dirty laundry and a cold cough from being damp and chilled the previous two days, not including my current situation.

I decided to see if the hotel across the parking lot had any rooms. If so, I wouldn’t even ask how much I would just take it and assume God would show me how to pay for it.

They had one room left.

One Room Left Just For Me

In a few hours I was clean, dry, warm and had clean laundry to last another week; not to mention enough free coffee to also last me a week!

God came through again, and I am so grateful!…

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By ScootingRich

ScootingRich has been teaching, working and volunteering in various capacities since 2007. He is currently attempting to demonstrate the viability of personal electric vehicles (PEV) for long-range travel by riding his Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter on a 21,000-mile adventure from Colorado, USA north to Alaska and then south to Argentina and ultimately to the shore of Antarctica. You are welcome to share in this epic journey by following us on YouTube and Patreon.

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