Day 129  🌎 0 miles

Daily Summary:
9:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Lochsa Lodge.

Odometer:  4,843 – 4,843
Average Speed: 0 mph
(See Post on Day 127 regarding discrepancies between Scooter TFT mileage and GPS app distance and average speed)
Climb: 0 ft. — Descend:  0 ft.
35-75° F : No wind today.

Battery Performance:
Note:  All charging and range data after the World Record Day will be published in Excel format at a later date.

—  129 —

At around 4PM yesterday I DID get a ride from the Warm Springs Trailhead up to Lochsa Lodge: from the County Sheriff no less!

While I was waiting, three officers arrived and all were very interested in my Journey.

They were very nice, but their trucks were all full so none could offer me a ride to the Lodge.

But then a fourth officer arrived and he did have room in his truck!

Twelve miles later he dropped me off at Lochsa Lodge where I was welcomed to a PERFECT tent camping area with two perfect trees from which to hang!

A Perfect Hang at Lochsa Lodge for Only Ten Bucks!

While we were driving up the hill, the officer also mentioned that Lolo Hot Springs (where I was planning to get to today) was likely to be JAM PACKED with party goers attending a local “festival.”

He advised me to be careful on the roads today and wished me good luck finding a campsite at Lolo.

I considered his advice AND also considered that Lochsa Lodge had a GREAT restaurant, and GREAT showers (towel, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner included!), and a GREAT empty campsite which only cost $10 for TWO nights.

After considering — at least for a minute or two — I decided to stay here an extra night to avoid the “festivities.”

Thank You, Lord, for being so gracious to me always!

It was a VERY Good choice, especially since staying allowed me to eat WAY too much, get caught up on my Posts and actually publish them, charge up all my devices, and take a closer look at the nail in the trailer tire and the rear scooter tire which is now leaking a pound of air every two hours.

I was also able to buy a couple of Sasquatch t-shirts for my daughter and son-in-law. (Thank you again, Josh and Ang for making this Journey possible!)

Sasquatch T-Shirts. Which two did they choose?

A day off the roads doesn’t get much better than this!

Tomorrow it’s off to see the Giants at Cedar Grove then up and over Lolo Pass and finally down to the hot springs where hopefully another great, low-priced campsite awaits…

Map of Lewis and Clark’s Route and Days to Complete

BTW, I forgot to mention that Lane, the Pubisher of The Waitsburg Times wrote a brief article concerning The Overland Scooter Expedition in her September 8, 2022 edition:

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ScootingRich has been teaching, working and volunteering in various capacities since 2007. He is currently attempting to demonstrate the viability of personal electric vehicles (PEV) for long-range travel by riding his Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter on a 21,000-mile adventure from Colorado, USA north to Alaska and then south to Argentina and ultimately to the shore of Antarctica. You are welcome to share in this epic journey by following us on YouTube and Patreon.

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